Episode 98 (Dream Lover & The Far Away Ladies)

September 25, 2017

A white supremacist is banned from OkCupid, "Feces" Elementary School considers a name change, and a man goes fishing and catches a woman. Interstitial music: "Blues Blast" by John Deley and "It's All Happening" by Huma-Huma. Now some other things you might enjoy!



Episode 97 (You Hungry? I’m Feelin’ Nippley’s)

September 9, 2017

Pizza may one day become a superfood, Hooters changes its strategy due to millennials' lack of interest in breasts, and the Chuck E. Cheese Band Retirement Tour. Music: "Celebration", "Sneaking On September", and "Treat Me This Way" by Otis McDonald. All that and this stuff too! (@GameRushmore@PushSlamcastersthishungrynerd.com)


Episode 96 (LIVE from The Grid 8/19/17)

August 27, 2017

With Special Guests, Matt Storrs, Hattie Hayes, and Josh Graves (Who also opens the show)! Recorded LIVE at The Grid: Games & Growlers in Mesa, AZ on Aug. 19th, 2017. Really fun show. Really funny. Some audio hiccups on this episode, but we're workin' on it, y'all! It'll be a smooth operation before you know it. Music: "Heavyweight" by Ethan Meixsell"Otis McDonald" by Joe Bagale, and "Busted" by John Deley.


Episode 95 (Winnie A Prove Bear) w/ Daniel Coon

August 15, 2017

Our monthly LIVE show from The Grid is just days away and we grabbed one of The Grid's finest, Daniel Coon, to join us on this latest episode. It's all things China as we discuss the facekini, anti-pervert flamethrowers, and the reason Winnie the Pooh is banned on China's Internet. Interstitial Music: "Not Too Cray" by Huma-Huma and "Circular" by Gunnar Olsen. For LIVE show details, go to OneTwoThreeJokes.com and for our other stuff, go here (@GameRushmore@PushSlamcastersthishungrynerd.com)


Episode 94 (LIVE from The Grid 7/15/17)

August 6, 2017

LIVE from The Grid in Mesa, AZ with Special Guests, Matt Micheletti, Jason Hill, and Roman Erik Grisby! Some technical difficulties forced us to use our backup recording, so the audio is not ideal. But if you can manage, there's a lot of funny stuff.


Episode 93 (Pumpin’ Up The Creepfaptor)

July 14, 2017

The gang's all here except for Rick, but he is not dead; we want to make that clear. On this episode, we talk about greyhounds on cocaine, an ad that's insulting to cows, and Disneyland's attempt to give pirates a softer image. Interstitial Music: "Richard's Stuff" and "BirdBrainz II" by Otis McDonald. That's not all! We also have these! (@GameRushmore@PushSlamcastersthishungrynerd.com)


Episode 92 (Nessie, Neeps, & Tatties)

June 23, 2017

Russia swears their new gun-toting robot is NOT a Terminator, a man dies peacefully after being told President Trump has been impeached, and people wonder where the Loch Ness monster has been. Interstitial Music: "Richard's Stuff" by Otis McDonald and "Grassy Hill" by Huma-Huma. Now click on these! (@GameRushmore, @PushSlamcasters, thishungrynerd.com)


Episode 91 (A Gun In The Arsenal)

June 16, 2017

Kate missed this episode and it's probably for the best. We talk about plastic surgery for dogs, cows escaping a slaughterhouse, and a drunk man who hid a gun in his butt. Interstitial Music: "Richard's Stuff" by Otis McDonald and "Cockpit" by Silent Partner. And while you're here, click on these things! - (@GameRushmore, @PushSlamcasters, thishungrynerd.com)


LIVE From The Grid 6/3/17

June 8, 2017

Our second ever LIVE show! Recorded Saturday, June 3rd at The Grid in Mesa, AZ. Featuring stand-up from Erick Biez!


LIVE From Space 55 (January 2015)

June 1, 2017

Our first ever live show! And boy, were we nervous. But don't worry. It only affected the show slightly. Recorded in January of 2015 at Space 55 in Phoenix, AZ. Our guests were Jamie Sanderson, Genevieve Rice, and Roman Grisby. Steve Moreno opened the show and the music was provided Cory Bergquist.