Episode 142 (El Cucuy de Audio) w/ Danny Garcia & Leigh Houck

October 29, 2018

Danny Garcia and Leigh Houck from the Lady & the Drunk podcast join the gang for the second week in a row and things get creepy, kooky, and at times a little ooky. Unfortunately, the first half hour of this episode is taken from our backup recording due to a technical issue. It's still listenable; the audio quality just isn't ideal. Don't hold it against us! Or else you'll be cursed by a witch! Happy Halloween!


Music provided by Otis McDonald

Episode 141 (My Two Penguin Dads) w/ Leigh Houck & Danny Garcia

October 22, 2018

Leigh Houck and Danny Garcia of the Lady & the Drunk podcast drop by to talk about a harrowing marriage proposal, the "Curvy Wife Guy"'s new book, and gay penguins.


Music provided by Otis McDonald

Episode 140 (Flamin’ Hot Comedy) w/ Aaron Lopez

October 15, 2018

Aaron Lopez returns to the judge's seat as we talk about a uterus t-shirt, pee-loving goats, and Lil Xan's Hot Cheeto overdose.


Music provided by Otis McDonald

Episode 139 (Gather ‘Round the Good Stuff) w/ Gavin Bloom

October 8, 2018

Gavin Bloom joins us to talk about Susan's wedding, a mural for lobsters, and a couple having sex wrong.


Music provided by Otis McDonald

Episode 138 (Lewd-y Tunes) w/ Aaron Lopez

October 1, 2018

Aaron Lopez serves as guest judge while Uncle Brad is away. We make some jokes about some weird news stories as per usual, but the main attraction here is our conversation about an orgy featuring classic cartoon characters... Enjoy.


Music provided by Otis McDonald

Episode 137 (Big Pine Comedy Festival 2018)

September 24, 2018

Recorded live on Friday, September 21st at The Green Room in Flagstaff, AZ as part of The Big Pine Comedy Festival 2018!

Episode 136 (We Like to Talk) w/ Aaron Kraft

September 17, 2018

Aaron Kraft (Instruction By Design) joins us again as we talk about beard tax, banned P.E. games, and an Italian city forbidding its citizens from dying.


Music provided by Otis McDonald

Episode 135 (WTFIGO?) w/ Aaron Kraft

September 10, 2018

Uncle Brad returns to judge our jokes and get irritated with the cast. Also, Aaron Kraft (Instruction By Design) reads the news for this episode as Carly competes. We talk about "fur-ternity leave", a company that quits your job for you, and Proctor & Gamble trying to appeal to young people. All that, and a LOT of other shit, quite frankly. Good luck.


Music provided by Otis McDonald

Episode 134 (There’s the ‘ism) w/ Judge Liese

September 3, 2018

Our friend, Liese renders judgment once again in this episode featuring a white supremacist getting yelled at by his dad, the country of Molossia, and Pastafarianism.


Music provided by Otis McDonald

Episode 133 (Feline-Speak Eye Blinking) w/ Judge Liese

August 27, 2018

Our friend, Anneliese ("Liese" if you're nasty) serves as our guest judge in this episode featuring 16 pregnant nurses, a cougar, and black market avocados. Word of warning: the audio quality dips a little bit around the 16-minute mark, but comes back around minute 24. Sorry :/


Music provided by Otis McDonald