LIVE From The Grid 6/3/17

June 8, 2017

Our second ever LIVE show! Recorded Saturday, June 3rd at The Grid in Mesa, AZ. Featuring stand-up from Erick Biez!


LIVE From Space 55 (January 2015)

June 1, 2017

Our first ever live show! And boy, were we nervous. But don't worry. It only affected the show slightly. Recorded in January of 2015 at Space 55 in Phoenix, AZ. Our guests were Jamie Sanderson, Genevieve Rice, and Roman Grisby. Steve Moreno opened the show and the music was provided Cory Bergquist.


Episode 90 (2 Crass? 2 Serious?)

May 25, 2017

Chris fills in for Kate and tells the gang about a ham sandwich made to look like Vin Diesel, a study showing that spiders could wipe out the human race if they wanted to, and an "anointed" cake that turned a gay man straight. Interstitial Music: "Hooky with Sloane" by Bird Creek and "Let's Do It" by Topher Mohr & Alex Elena. Give our other projects a try when you're done! (@GameRushmore, @PushSlamcasters,


Episode 89 (In The Style Of “Sussudio” By Phil Collins)

May 11, 2017

We've got the music in us on this episode as we talk about a raccoon obsessed with human breasts, a Trump-themed escape room, and a former Power Ranger killing his roommate with a samurai sword. Interstitial Music: "Atlanta" by Jingle Punks and "Tune In" by RW Smith. Check out our other stuff! (@GameRushmore, @PushSlamcasters,


Episode 88 (Victory Twerk) w/ Josh Graves

May 4, 2017

Josh Graves (@gravesdangerHard Fives) returns to talk with us about a Russian hotel's idea of hospitality, a rowdy retirement community, and Miami's hottest new trend: car twerking. Interstitial music: "Lucky Duck" by Silent Partner and "Snack Time" by The Green Orbs. Be sure to check out our other stuff! (@GameRushmore, @PushSlamcasters,


Episode 87 (Nasty Boy’s Secret Menu)

April 27, 2017

Kate is out again, so the boys hold down the fort. They talk about a smart condom that keeps track of your sex stats, Burger King employees selling weed in the Drive-Thru, and a couple having sex at a Domino's Pizza. Interstital Music: "Two Step" by Huma-Huma and "Take You" by Vibe Tracks. Don't forget our other stuff! (@GameRushmore, @PushSlamcasters,


Episode 86 (Spurts Urllistrated, Issue #1)

April 20, 2017

When the Kate's away, the boys try their best to keep the show on track. We talk about a drive-in movie theater in Alabama refusing to show "Beauty and the Beast" because it has a gay character, a member of the Russian Parliament suggesting soccer hooliganism should be its own sport, and wild boars in the Czech Republic becoming radioactive. Interstitial Music: "La La La" by Otis McDonald and "The Deed" by Jingle Punks. Be sure to check out our other stuff! (@GameRushmore, @PushSlamcasters,


Episode 85 (My Big Fat Thai Husband)

April 13, 2017

Everybody's back to talk about a small woman expressing her love for her clinically obese husband even though "he isn't handsome...", the dangers of kissing, and a Texas lawmaker urging Texans not to use the Chilean flag emoji in place of the Texas flag. Interstitial Music: "Dance Dubber" by Audionautix, licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license, and "Sunday" by Otis McDonald. Be sure to check out our other stuff! (@GameRushmore, @PushSlamcasters,


Episode 84 (So Long As You Both Shall Live Más)

April 2, 2017

The gang's all here to talk about Taco Bell marriage services, the benefits of freezing your genitals, and a fun new exhibit at a Christian theme park in Kentucky. Interstitial music: "Big Hands" by Silent Partner and "Tarantula" by MK2. Be sure to check out our other stuff! (@GameRushmore, @PushSlamcasters,


Episode 83 (Voice-Aggravated)

March 20, 2017

Jeremy, Ric, Bob, and Chris are left to their own devices in this episode as they discuss the disadvantaged wealthy, cannibalistic hamsters, and a sex robot for the ladies. Interstitial Music: "Actin' Up" by MK2 and "Extra Steps" by Jimmy Fontanez. Check out our other stuff! (@GameRushmore, @PushSlamcasters,