Episode 77 (Unexpected Butter)

January 10, 2017

Do you wanna ride or die? Neither? You just wanna listen to this episode where we talk about teenagers staying the night in IKEA stores for fun, a church accidentally using Tupac Shakur's "Hail Mary" in their service, and a band of musical chickens? Well, then come with me! Interstitial Music: "All Aboard" by Silent Partner and "Working It" by Jingle Punks. Produced by Josh Lopez (@GameRushmore, @PushSlamcasters)


Episode 76 (Persistent Swelling)

January 2, 2017

Happy New Year! We resolve to make you laugh with the first episode of 2017. We talk about a full-scale replica of the Titanic being constructed in China, an 86-year-old jewel thief, and a charity regulator denying a group inspired by Star Wars. Interstitial Music: "Chicago" by Joe Bagale and "Crystal" by Vibe Tracks. Produced by Josh Lopez (@GameRushmore)


Episode 75 (Mehwee Cwistmas!)

December 24, 2016

The gang's all here to talk about reindeer delivering pizzas in Japan, a dude with a bunch of pot disguised as Christmas gifts, and Krampus... much Krampus.


Episode 74 (Gathering Up Our Jackets) w/ Jeremiah Martinez

December 16, 2016

Jeremiah Martinez picks up where he left off as we talk tortoise repopulation, a woman calling the cops on a man whistling "Closing Time", and an antisemitic smoothie. Interstitial Music: "Magic" and "Put It on the Floor" by Otis McDonald. Produced by Josh Lopez (@GameRushmore@PushSlamcasters)


Episode 73 (Out of the Darkness) w/ Jason Hill

November 23, 2016

Jason Hill (@J_sonHill) is the guest we need on Episode 73! We're talkin' about a burglar in a tutu, a man trying to sell a Cheeto to pay for his honeymoon, and an abandoned Batman-themed nightclub in Thailand. Interstitial Music: "Sour Tennessee Red" by John Deley & The 41 Players and "Highway Wildflowers" by Bird Creek. Produced by Josh Lopez (@GameRushmore)


Episode 72 (Making “1-2-3 Jokes!” Great Again) w/ Josh Graves

November 15, 2016

Josh Graves (@gravesdanger) returns for some post-election talk... about the scrotum frogs of Lake Titicaca. Also, realistic baby dolls based on the Na'vi from James Cameron's Avatar and animals who predicted Donald Trump winning the presidency. Interstitial Music: "Bubblegum Ballgame" by JR Tundra and "Mean Streetz" by MK2. Produced by Josh Lopez (@GameRushmore)


Episode 71 (Lucy In The Sky With Dalmations) w/ Our Friend, Carly

November 7, 2016

Our friend, Carly, is back again for a honkin' good time! We talk about a man who saved a dog from a burning house while high on LSD, webcam funerals, and a smoking chimp at a North Korean zoo. Interstitial Music: "Don't Change a Thing" & "New on the Block" by Silent Partner. Produced by Josh Lopez (@GameRushmore)


Episode 70 (Honka Honka If You Love Halloween) w/ Our Friend, Carly

October 31, 2016

Our new friend, Carly, joins us on this chilling episode featuring creepy clowns, a giant Ouija board, and Jesus taking a backseat to memes. Interstitial Music: "Dig Deep" by RW Smith and "Roller Blades" by Otis McDonald. Produced by Josh Lopez (@GameRushmore)


Episode 69 (Grandpa’s Comin’)

October 25, 2016

Chris Zeigler (@PushSlamcasters) is our guest once again as we talk about a man in Israel getting a restraining order against God, a newly wealthy man unknowingly marrying his granddaughter, and a woman coming home to find 2 burglars having sex on her couch. Interstitial Music: "Left U Into" by Otis McDonald and "Sunday Plans" by Silent PartnerProduced by Josh Lopez (@GameRushmore)


Episode 68 (Holla At Ya Boysenberry)

October 17, 2016

The Pizza Party becomes a political designation, creationists warn trick-or-treaters about the penalty of sin, and Waffle House has a record label? Interstitial Music: "A Lot For a Light" by Jingle Punks and "Blue Smile" by Gunnar Olsen. Produced by Josh Lopez (@GameRushmore)